Branding and website design for a Yorkshire-based hair and beauty store.

  • Logo design
  • Shop signage
  • Promotional literature
  • Website development

Bold & beautiful

With a new take on luxury hair and beauty products Vital wanted to be bold and brash unapologetically. The brand needed to catch the audience’s attention and have a contemporary aesthetic.

My first task was to create a logo with further exploration on various colour profiles.

The Vital logo
The Vital logo
Various color alternatives for the Vital logo.
Various colour profiles for comparison.

The store

Vital had purchased a once bustling video rental store and needed to give it a complete overall, there was a strong emphasis in using colours from a feminine colour pallet since women are Vital's targeted audience.

To help better visualise how the building may look my design was super imposed upon the existing building.

  • The old video store before the redesign.
  • A super imposed design of the new store on the old building in purple.
  • A super imposed design of the new store on the old building in pink.
The original video store. A couple of design themes made using pink and purple.
The Vital store, with its new sign and signage.
The finished store. We were able to keep the build similar to the original design.
Side view perspective of the Vital Store.
Close-up of the Vital store sign.

Internal signage and branding

The branding was also extended to artefacts within the store such as signage, leaflets, staff uniforms, packaging etc. The design of all these elements helped to reinforce Vital’s Bold and brash image to make it truly stand out from the rest.
Employee wearing a black Vital staff T-Shirt.


Price cards mounted on a wig dummies stand.

Price cards

Price cards
Two Vouchers, one is 10% off and the other is 5% off.

Vital vouchers

Vital vouchers
A pink and black leaflet, with a pink business card.


A pink vital business card.

Business Card

Business Card
Employee holding a pink and black shopping bag with the Vital logo on it.

Vital Bag

Vital Bag
A orange poster highlighting Credit Crunch discounts at the store.

Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch
A poster to remind customers that no exchange, refund or credit is given.

Friendly reminder

Friendly reminder
Window etching showing Opening times of the store.

Opening times

Opening times

The website

The main emphasis of the new Vital website was to seamless continue the branding strategy and help give customers the ability to contact, find and buy from the store.
The home page of the Vial website.
A gallery image of the vital store on the website.
A map on the vital website showing where the store is.

The result

The branding campaign exceed all our expectations, the feedback was extremely positive from both Vital and customers alike.

The success of Vital’s branding gave it a powerful and visually impressive stance in the area, helped to generate a buzz about the business and lead a lot of people to their store.

NADAR KHAN,  Business Owner of Vital hair and Cosmetics.

We are extremely happy with the work, it has made us look like a professional high-street store, attracting loads of new customers.

Nadar Khan Business Owner

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