Document Design for the best range of football goalpost in the UK.

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What a Goal!

ITSA Goal is one of the oldest goalpost manufacturers in the U.K. Throughout the 30 years of business ITSA Goal have produced hundred of goal designs using materials such as uPVC, Aluminium and Steel.
The ITSA GOAL logo.
  • Boy in goal saving a crucial shot on goal.
  • An iITSA GOAL foldaway goal.
  • An ITSA GOAL Aluminium goal.
  • An ITSA Goal UPVC goal.
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The task

With a vast range of goalpost and a constant drive to develop new ones the challenge was to update all their existing technical drawings and redesign their entire Goal fitting instructions for each one.
The Old fitting instruction diagram.
The Old fitting instruction.

A fitting thought

My first task was to redesign the Goal fitting instructions which involved me creating ‘modular info blocks’ that could be changed and updated easily and allowed for additional content on the page without being too cluttered.
The new fitting instruction.
The new fitting instruction.

Technical difficulty

The original technical drawings for each goal, were very complicated and needed some understanding of engineering to decipher them.

My solution was again to use a modular system, which showed in a clear, concise manner the relevant information to make a goalpost. This modular system also allowed one to create a new drawing in the fraction of the time it took previously.

The new technical Drawing for an aluminium 4 feet by 3 feet goal.

The new technical Drawing for an aluminium 4ft by 3ft goal.

Overhead view of working drawing.
Overhead perspective view of working drawing.
Folders containing working drawing.
Overhead view angle of working drawing.
Close-up view of working drawing.
Perspective view of the working drawing folder.
A collection of fitting instruction and working drawings.

The result

The complete redesign gave ITSA GOAL the confidence to move forward in developing and continuing to create new products. It has also allowed them to licence their products to other countries and keep the consistancy in design.

The modular system for both the goalpost fitting instructions and technical drawings are still being used today.

JOHN WILSON, Chairman  and Technical Director of ITSA GOAL

We appreciate the work that Melvyn has put into our business, we can now move forward.

John Wilson Chairman - Technical Director

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