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A future presence

Softforge is a London based web development company who were seeking to revamp their tired and dated brand. The challenge was to create something which was not deemed as conventional in its design, but pointed to a more technological scene.
The old softforge logo.
The old softforge logo.
The old design on the original softforge website.
The old design on the original softforge website.

The concept

Since the company is called ‘softforge’ the name itself tries to express a meaning of technologies that come together to create new solutions. The emphasis was to show the ‘soft’ and ‘forge’ being indistinguishable by using the ‘S’ and ‘F’ of each word.

Once I had established the base shapes for my design, I went through quite a number of configurative iterations that I explored but all this was necessary to aid in refining the final details.

  • The first step, start with three simple shapes.
  • Second step, refine the shapes and add back the original colours.
  • Trying to define the form of the 'F' shape.
  • Finalizing the design.
  • The final logo, with the 'powering your future' tag line.
My iteration processs of development to create the final design based on primative shapes.
the 's' and 'f' of the logo.
The logo still consits of the original colours but embraces the notion of unification between the two elements.
Black and Colour profiles.
Black and Colour profiles.

The Animation

A short logo animation was created for their existing website to help introduce the new design.

The result

Softforge were extremely happy with the outcome, It was like nothing they expected but at the same time encompassed all that they wanted to potrait as a web development company.

PHILIP WALTON , Founder and Director of SoftForge.

A very creative and elegant solution, which I feel relects our forward thinking philosophy.

Philip Walton Director

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