Branding and promotion of a master welder.

  • Logo Design
  • Promotional literature
  • Business stationery
  • Photography

A true Craftsman

In a profession which has been around for over half a century it is not easy to come across a good welder. Jason needed to show how good he really is and was therefore transformed from humble man to a brand.

Jason needed an identity that would reflect the nature of his work. Being a good welder requires 1000's of hours of practice to perfect the skill, that in time transcends into an artform.

My approach was to portray Jason’s work has something that is elegant, timeless and of exceptional quality. using an imperial classical Roman style typeface with simply shapes to create a design that demonstrates these attributes.

The Logo and Brand of Jason Hodgson.
The Logo and Brand of Jason Hodgson.
Business card (front).
Business card (front)
Business card (back).
Business card (back)

Self Promotion

In addition to creating Jason’s identity, I also had to design Business stationery and promotional literature that would edify and inform potential clients on what it means to be a good master wielder.

  • The front and back cover of the brochure with Jason doing some welding.
  • A close up of second page showing some of Jason's welds.
  • A close up of center page showing one of  Jason's quotes.
  • A close up of last page showing some of Jason's welds.
A 6 page promotional brochure on 'a Welders story'.
Close up of 'Jason Hodgson' letterhead paper.
Close up of business cards.
Close up of business cards and letterhead paper.
Close up of business stationary.
Close up of the centre pages of the promotional brochure.
Close-up of the second page from the promotional brochure.
Business statonery, cards and promotional literature.

The result

For Jason has a brand was a huge success, since this type of approach is never ever done in the welding industry.

It gave Jason a unique and intriguing advantage when it came to being selected over his competitors. Jason reported a significant increase in prospective clients.


I can not belive the work that melvyn has done, Amazing!

Jason Hodgeson Master Welder

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